Beckett Industries

This map has been made for the Teamliquid Map Contest 14 for the Challenge #2 – “ Adrenaline Rush ”. This contest is organized by Teamliquid at the request of Blizzard Entertainment. It has been added into the official 1v1 ladder map pool on April 4th 2021.

Beckett Industries features three Acceleration Zone Generators (AZG) placed on small bridges in the middle area. While being very tight, these choke points are still a valid attack path.

Here is the list of the distinctive features of the map: 

  • 3 AZGs are placed on tight chokes in the middle. These chokes have a higher unit throughput while keeping an easy concave setting for the defender.
  • The line thirds are very close to each other while the triangle third are very far away from each other.
  • The line thirds have a very small choke point because of the short distance between them.

This map is currently the smallest ladder map ever tied with Jungle Basin (made by Blizzard in 2010). Small maps are tough to balance, especially because of the short reaction time available for Zerg against Terran. Additionally, the terrain features around the third base locations also favor Terran players thanks to the Siege Tank’s range.