Red Mad Thief

This map has a different use of Renegade Missile Turrets (RMT) compared to most maps. Renegade Missile Turrets are standardized anti-air structure that are hostile to all players.

On this map, they are used in combination with large areas of line of sight blockers (LoS). The LoS are intentionally placed in a checker pattern to drastically reduce the vision of ground units which don’t have air support. But since there are many RMT inside the LoS forest, it is hard to keep the vision over those areas. The players can make a decision to keep or destroy RMT defensively or offensively. Destroying the RMT with ground units requires the vision of air units but they need to keep distance with the RMT. This process takes some attention and micro from that player. The RMT can delay attacks that contain air units The defender can see from his side if the RMT are being attacked and then can decide to ambush the attacker army while it is occupied.

Air units can only see half of the LoS forest while the RMT are up. This gives a big defensive advantage if the attacker chooses to attack without air support while the defender has air units seeing inside the LoS forest. Also, the highground pods with the RMT are buildable and droppable once the RMT are destroyed. Destroying the opponent’s air units inside the LoS forest can severely hinder the fighting capabilities of the opponent’s army in that area.


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