Taiga is a game I created with Sylve Renault, Yann Kukolewsky, Martin Valleix, Jéremy Tapia, Rudy Michel and Lucas Ruyer. This game is part of the Carewave school of thought. Our interpretation of the carewave is to make games that can help a little bit the player in his daily life such as helping the player to calm down. Carewave games should also be kind with the player and limit the frustration.

Our game is a contemplative 2.5D platformer with a sidescrolling camera that focuses on the narrative. The player uses a controller to move the character using the joysticks to the left and the right.

The character is a trapper that lives alone in a taiga. He is far away from any civilization. He was living with an unspecified loved person but an accident happened and this person has died. It is up to the player’s interpretation to choose who the dear one was.

The player starts the game at the beginning of the mourning of the trapper. During the 5 levels of the game which represent 5 stages of the mourning, the player will have to find 5 tokens left by the dear one which will help the trapper in his mourning.

In this project, i am focusing on the level design. This is a new challenge for me because all my previous game projects focus on giving the player a challenging experience. This game is focused on the narrative and the game never gets difficult.